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1 BTC = 761.354039 BNB

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Bitcoin to Binance Coin Exchange Details

What is Binance Coin?

Binance Coin (BNB) is an ERC-20 token that was sold in an ICO by the Binance Exchange in the summer of 2017. BNB can be used to pay for fees incurred while trading on Binance. Fees paid in BNB will give users discounts (for the first 4 years). Binance recently re-launched its platform for launching ICOs called “Binance Launchpad”, where BNB is the only cryptocurrency accepted to invest in these early projects.

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While Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in market cap, the increasing demand for the utility of Binance Coin ranks it in the top 10. Undoubtedly BTC/BNB pair serves the needs of many crypto traders looking for ways to diversify their portfolios

Please note that BTC and BNB operate in two different blockchains, so total transaction time will depend on each blockchain’s congestion. Usually ERC-20 tokens such as BNB take less than 5 minutes to transfer, whereas Bitcoin usually takes longer.

How to Buy Binance Coin

Switchain offers a possibility to check the most relevant BNB price and allows to buy and sell BNB at the best rates with no account registration required. Our user interface provides an easy way to convert Bitcoin to Binance Coin. Switchain doesn’t keep your coins at any moment, and you will receive BNB in your own wallet once the BTC to BNB exchange is completed.

We always recommend users to store their cryptocurrencies in personal wallets rather than in exchanges. There is a variety of alternatives for you to choose: hardware, desktop, mobile wallets, and not all of them are always compatible with every cryptocurrency.

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