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Recent transactions

PairFromToAmountExchange RateExchangeCreated at
BAT to LTC10052.717399Switchain32 minutes ago
ETH to LTC0.998200082.794118Switchainan hour ago
OMG to LTC1036.1035923226.026580Switchainan hour ago
ZRX to ETH1336.953652092.270869Switchainan hour ago
ETH to LTC26.74456574.953296Switchainan hour ago
ETH to LTC32.65501591.517697Switchainan hour ago
BTC to OMG0.00535515.621659Switchainan hour ago
BTC to ZRX0.02521992380.602906Switchain2 hours ago
TUSD to ETH37.396150890.249891Switchain2 hours ago
ZRX to BTC3250.020390Switchain2 hours ago