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Recent transactions

PairFromToAmountExchange RateExchangeCreated at
REP to ETH1.979221460.178961Switchain4 minutes ago
LTC to ETH154.861164Switchain30 minutes ago
ETH to TUSD0.5885948183.666562Switchainan hour ago
LTC to ETH154.868489Switchainan hour ago
ETH to TUSD0.283767440.359207Switchainan hour ago
ETH to TUSD17.592900882510.748402Switchainan hour ago
USDC to LTC142.8571432.845157Switchainan hour ago
USDC to OMG142.857143108.125960Switchain2 hours ago
LTC to ETH0.620587280.201383Switchain2 hours ago
BAT to LTC1871.313512384.995097Switchain2 hours ago