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Fast, reliable, trustworthy. Come try our easy to setup API and start offering your clients the best instant exchange service on the market, under a revenue sharing program, where you can earn on each of your clients' transactions

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Relentlessly Quick

Fastest trades in the industry.
Average completion times are less than 2 minutes for ERC20 tokens, 5 minutes for BTC.

Fixed Rates

No surprises at the last second.
What your clients get quoted is what they get.

Reliable Support

24/7 customer service team.
Personal account manager to deal with any requests you may have.

What Makes us Unique

Privacy Oriented

We don't require upfront KYC documentation to use our platform. Instead, if our AML system detects suspicious trades, they will be automatically refunded.

Profitability You Control

You can set any % you wish for any trade. We recommend to allocate between 0.5% and 2.5%.

Easy Payouts

Trigger payments at your convenience of the fees you have earned in BTC via our easy to use panel.

Save in Customer Services

Our 24/7 team can provide customer support for your clients directly or work beside your existing customer support team.

No Prioritization Between Clients

Some exchanges prioritize what trade to queue first, serving their bigger clients first to maintain the "speed promise", affecting their small clients negatively.

24/7 Customer Support

Personal account manager to deal with any issues you may have.

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